About Us

It all started at an Irish pub in Los Gatos, California. Patrick Shea, a local PGA professional, was playing standard dice games with his friends. He was intrigued with the possibility of playing golf with dice, so he placed 9 standard 6 sided dice in a cup and within minutes had created the basic rules of the game and GOLO was born. The response from friends and family was so amazing and as the game grew in popularity, a few rules and some new features were added. What followed was the most innovative and addicting game invented in years — GOLO!

The company, GoZone Games, was originally co-founded by two friends, and incorporated in January of 1999. The game was launched in January of 2000. With over half a million sold, GOLO is now being enjoyed by golfers (and non-golfers, too!) around the world. Today GoZone Games is headquartered in Downtown Los Gatos, California. Its mission is dedicated to spreading the fun, excitement, and education of sports to the rest of the world. Its future commitment in game development is to create games that follow the same basic formula of GOLO: fast, fun, addicting, affordable, simple, portable, and difficult to master.

GoZone Games is pleased to announce an agreement granting Zobmondo!! Entertainment all distribution rights to our five dice games: GoLo Golf, GoLong Football, GoHoops Basketball, Go500 Nascar Racing and GoShop - yes, a dice game about shopping! All games are $14.95 and available at www.zobmondo.com. "GoLo games will fit right in at Zobmondo!! where we create games that get the party started right," said Zobmondo!! founder Randy Horn. "These dice games are portable, fun, and sure to amp up a crowd. I promise."