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This game is one of the most popular and it has gained popularity in online casinos . As the game needed infrastructure, but also skill. It is not possible to win every round, but if you know some good online blackjack tricks, you can influence the game and the odds of winning a little more often. In the game the player's objective is to get a hand with a value as close as possible to 21, but not any more than. More than 21-point hand will be void and the player loses immediately. The closer the value of 21, the player gets better, the player wins if he gets a higher score than the dealer. The game is played in the traditional 52-card deck without jokers. The value of cards is 1-11 picture cards of each of 10 points and the ace is worth either one or 11 to a point worth, depending on the hand. Blackjack fifth wheel is specially designed for the game. At the same time play against the dealer can accommodate up to eight players in general, which will thus play against each other or against each other to help. Each player is a selected area in which the cards are dealt and which the player places his bet. Those who do not play in casinos is often useful to take stock of chips universal values.

Each blackjack table tasks have their own betting limits. Before the cards are dealt, the player decides how much wants to invest. Each player is the dealer is dealt the first two cards. The last card is upside down, but the players' cards are all visible. Once the cards have been dealt, each player in turn chooses whether he wants more cards one at a time (hit) until the player decides to hand to be strong enough and remains (stand), or until the hand exceeds the 21-point mark. After each player has played, it is the dealer's turn.

The dealer must take a card if the hand value is less than 17, if it is more than 17 dealer will be. This 17-point rule may vary in different casinos and different blackjack versions. If the player loses to the dealer, he loses a contribution, but if he wins, he is permitted to contribute back to double. If a player is, however, not exactly 21 points, he must contribute 1.5 times. If both, the dealer and the player has 21 points (Blackjack) wins the player. Distribution of prizes will vary by casino.

In the online blackjack game features include sharing (splitting). If you get a pair of the first distribution, or hand, the value of which is a total of 10, you can share your games to two in the game. You place the same bet for the other hand and play both at the same time. Once you have shared a hand in half, the dealer will automatically split a second card in the hands. Some casinos is possible to divide the hands still conditions are met.